Wolf Den Media Productions LLC is a small and highly experienced, educated, and skilled team providing a robust full service media solution for small businesses.  From simple graphics and documentation digitization to website design and development that can scale with your business, our team is here to grow with you as you scale.  Our creative processes assist in bringing your ideas and dreams from concepts into reality.  Our production process is designed to fulfill all project necessities without missing any steps along the way, ensuring that the digital products exceed expectations and standards. We use a streamlined project management system that is task oriented, provides an unlimited amount of cloud storage that is associated to the projects tasks, allows for communications between the team and clients.  The program also allows for the tracking of time, project budgeting, and milestone tracking.  Wolf Den Media Productions LLC if pleased to provide a high quality of customer service and training while helping our clients with their digital media needs.


Hello and welcome to Wolf Den Media Productions LLC.  I am Jacob D. Sovey, the Founder, creator and owner of Wolf Den Media Productions LLC.  I have had a long drive passion for media, music, art, and charity my entire life.   From the 6th grade through my college education and life experience, I have played and create music.   Some of the music I have created is in games, commercials, and other visual media as backing tracks or the main theme.  I grew a deep love for all Digital Media at a young age, and was fascinated by the plethora of options for creating the media that existed.  

I can remember my first media production, it was a tape that my brother and I recored on my dual tape deck stereo system when I was 10 years old.   I will never forget the funny stuff we talked about and still have the tape to this day... In hopes I find a tape deck to listen to it on again sometime in the future.  

Below, you can find a bit more of my story as it relates to SOME of my certifications.   We have many Full Sail University Graduates on our team aside from myself, and intend on keeping that the theme of our business overall, as the standards that Full Sail University sets forth are nothing less than industry standard professional processes.   Every team member of Wolf Den Media Productions LLC is educated and experienced in their respective field.  

Full Sail Degree Jacob Herrick-Sovey.png

One of the most fun filled experiences I have ever had in my life, Full Sail University is often hailed as the 'Harvard' of schools in the entertainment industry.  FSU's on site and online degree programs hold students to highest professional standards using a Global Professionalism Score that many top industry companies like Disney, Pixar, & Universal use.  I also went back to Full Sail University for my Masters in New Media and Communications and Journalism...  Didn't finish because the Journalism side of the degree went against my morals and I was not cut out for it because I have to tell the truth, so I continued to educate myself in more technical areas.  Many of our team members come from this school and all maintain a minimum of 100 GPS points, with opportunities to grow their skills & further educate themselves while at WDMP

Harman Audio Associate Certification Jac

Harman, a Samsung Company provides industry leading and top quality audio and video equipment, or AV equipment for multiple uses.  Whether you are looking to have a robust home theatre setup or you need a end to end conferencing solution for your rapidly expanding business, Wolf Den Media Productions can design new AV systems, re-design AV system needs, add to existing AV systems or service your current AV system.  

DANTE, or Digital Audio Networking or Digital Signal Processing is quickly becoming the standard of Audio transport needs as existing Cat 5 and Cat 6 network infrastructures can often be integrated when implementing an AV system into your business' physical locations.  

SDVoE Certification Jacob Herrick-Sovey.

SDVoE stands for Software Defined Video over Ethernet.  This is a newer standard.  A different form of Digital Signal Processing that uses networking infrastructures to transport video in similar methods to the way DANTE transports Digital Audio Signals over a network.

As a Journeyman Electrician I hold a firm understanding of the need for electrical safety, always keeping in mind other's lives  and electrical code requirements when working on a design or service.

NFPA 70E Certification Jacob Herrick-Sov
OSHA 30 Certification Jacob Herrick-Sove

Rest assured that Wolf Den Media Productions is able to come to your new build and discuss your AV design needs, Digital Media Needs, and Online Social Media and Marketing needs while maintaining and adhering to general and specific safety standards as required by OSHA.